About Us

Texas Paranormal Advanced Research Team is a paranormal research organization that is dedicated to investigating phenomenon that is out of the ordinary or unexplained. 

Our goal is to think outside normal schools of thought by combining critical thinking with creative thought and by merging problem solving techniques with more unconventional spiritual techniques in order to find answers, make informed conclusions and analysis of paranormal activity. 

We investigate to find reasonable and logical explanations for any activity that is thought to be paranormal in nature before making conclusions.

All our investigations are conducted in a professional manner using specialized equipment, scientific methods and techniques.  We bring many years of experience  to our clients and a genuine understanding of their need for help. TexPart?s services are always free of charge and we work with you to conduct an investigation that will fit your needs and schedule. 

Although Paranormal Research is not an exact science, our many years of research and investigative experience gives us the knowledge & tools to find an honest answer for you.

TEXPART was founded in 2005.  Founder JJ Rice has been a paranormal researcher since late 1997 and active in the paranormal field since the 1980s.  JJ and many other Texpart team members have had experiences that could not be debunked or simply explained.  After spending 4 years in a home in Iowa that provided many unexplainable paranormal and sometimes very frightening experiences, JJ joined a paranormal research group in Iowa, Des Moines Iowa Paranormal Advanced Research Team (DIEPART).  After moving to Texas and only after DIEPART’s approval, the DIEPART (Iowa Ghost Hunters) sister group- Texas Paranormal Advanced Research Team or “TEXPART” -was created.

Texpart has been an active, professional, independent north central Texas group for over 18 years.  We are well trained in paranormal research, survival of consciousness theory and investigation.   As a family affiliate member of DIEPART (family member of TAPS)  Texpart was expected to adhere to the same detailed and professional codes of conduct and ethics as our parent group.  Now independent, Texpart still adheres to those strict rules of conduct.  This insures that, you as the client, will get the best care and services possible.

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Due to legal mandates and for the health and safety of both our clients and team, TexPart has had to create a different approach to resolving your paranormal investigation requests.  

We generally investigate  within 25-30 miles of the Frisco area.  However, we do make exceptions. We CANNOT investigate your friends, parents or grandparents home without their written permission.  If you are in a rental home please let us know because we need to be aware of that as well.  Any circumstance where you do not own (or at are least buying) the home, will need to be disclosed before we can move forward. With that being said,  the first step to request an investigation will be to contact us at tbrofc@gmail.com.  Please tell us how long you have been in the home, when the activity started, what specifically has been concurring, who has been experiencing it and please submit any evidence you might have for us to review.   You will receive a response email with any questions or clarifications from one of the TexPart team.  Once we have a better view of what may be occurring, we will set up a zoom or google meetup meeting.  This will allow us to introduce ourselves and get to know you better.  We can also set up a plan to help you at this time.  If an investigation is needed, we can then schedule a time for your investigation.