Private Investigation Prosper, TX

The TexPart Team was called to a private residence in Prosper to investigate reports of paranormal activity.  The home was a 2007 2 story brick home in a fairly quiet subdivision.  The two occupants were pleasant and level headed.  There were 2 friendly dogs living on site as well  The clients told us that they were concerned because they believed their small grandchild was experiencing something they could not explain.  They heard their grandbaby talking to someone in the room and they knew no one was in the room. They also experienced problems with the baby monitor and heard footsteps in the empty guest room.  

The Investigation

Four members of TexPart (“The Team”) arrived at the home in the mid-afternoon as activity was not prone to occur at any specific time.   The area surrounding the home was pretty quiet for a subdivision and nothing could be noted that might have explained any of the noises or experiences felt or heard by the clients. The team investigated using numerous devices and methods.  Burst EVP sessions were used to try to capture any disembodied voices or answers to questions unheard by the team during the sessions.  Several interesting responses were actually captured during our sessions using a device called “the spiritus”.  The spiritus app is a spirit box type device uses a word cache that is run backwards using various voices.  While the EVP session seemed to yield responses of a personal nature that related directly with the individuals in the room, no EVPs were obtained relating to the claims in that home at that time.  An unexplainable video was actually caught while walking in the hallway outside the grandchild’s room.  The video showed the tiny rocking chair in the room rocking all by itself in the empty room.  The person that videoed the occurrence was in the hall several feet away and had not stepped into the room.  The chair actually rocked for several seconds on the carpeted floor.  When we tried to debunk this, our investigators could only get the chair to rock twice on the thick carpet before stopping. This was the only paranormal occurrence that we were able to obtain on video. Investigators did hear walking sounds as reported by clients while they were investigating the rooms directly below the upper rooms.  No EVPs were captured demonstrating these sounds but since all were accounted for in the home and no one was present in the upper rooms at the time, investigators were unable to explain those sounds.

Based on what evidence we did find, we did feel that something was going on that needed some resolution.   TexPart worked with the clients to educated them about how stress and worry effects energy in a home which then could then create some forms of paranormal activity.  People do cause hauntings in high stress situations and it is important that those tensions are discussed and a plan is made to help them get resolved in order to diffuse human based paranormal activities.  The team did use the prayers given to us by our priest as the home was cleared by using dragons blood and frankincense and sage as has been instructed by our priest.

The Clients report that the activity had decreased drastically.

Investigation at Fierce Motions in Van Alstyne Texas

This investigation was done in preparation for the Van Alstyne History and Haunts Tour in October.  

One of Texpart’s passions is being able to associate a haunting with an event or person in history through research, observation, photography and recording.  The process sometimes takes years to actually accomplish but it is an amazing journey!

We were invited by Fierce Motions Dance Studio to research, document and investigate this location and any activity it may have.  The studio is located in one of the many of the towns historical buildings.  Van Alstyne was founded in 1873.  It is one of the only towns in Grayson County named after a female. The building that houses the dance studio was originally built by Charlie E. Carter in 1890 to house a grocery store on the first floor and one of the first opera house’s in North Texas on the second floor. 

 Noted musicians, actors and stock companies from Chicago performed in the C. E. Opera House, attracting crowds of people from the area.  This lasted until 1910 and then the opera house was dismantled.  With a rich, long-standing history we often find these old buildings have a sort of personality and “memory” that often steps up when there is any new action, trauma, or in most cases reconfiguration- aka remodeling- that happens inside those old walls.

The Team interviewed the studios owner and she showed us some CCT footage she captured of orb activity on the cameras both during operation hours and overnight.  She also told us above some paranormal activity she as well as others in the studio had witnessed and told us about being locked in the bathroom (where the door doesn’t actually fully close normally) upstairs. Incidentally that particular bathroom was one of the original bathrooms where actors could dress and it even had the original clawfoot tub where they could bathe.  The upstairs had a fire at one point in history and was just one large open space and needed remodeled to become an office, sound studio and a couple of additional studios for tap and small children’s dance studio. It was during the renovation phase that activity ramped up.

We arrived at the building at about 6pm.  After a tour and interview session, the team set up equipment in the areas most reported to be active.  Some of the claims for this location was equipment that turned itself on and off, equipment malfunctions, voices, a door between studios on the first floor that open and closed on its own accord and the sound of a child upstairs.  Toys were set up and marked as trigger objects throughout both floors and cameras were set up in the upstairs children’s studio, tap studio, in an observation area pointed towards the bathrooms upstairs where the owner was locked in and at the hall where she had seen a shadow figure cross.

We stayed for about 3 hours that evening.  We did have some notable things happen.  First, our cameras malfunctioned….not one but all of them!  Usually this can be contributed to something very normal- an older camera, bad batteries, poor connection and user error being the top of the list.  However, this absolutely could not be the case that evening.  Camera 1 was placed on the first floor where the door between studios opened.  No one was on that floor when the camera changed positions.  It just did it on its own.  Camera #2 was new.  Everything from the camera to the battery was new and it was actually plugged in so it did not rely on the battery yet it shut down continuously.  Camera 3 was an older camera but it had proven itself dependable. It was also plugged into the wall and yet it shut down on its own as well.  We tested each of the plugs and there was a consistent electrical output so we weren’t able to blame it on power surges.  Interestingly, the toy we set in the middle of the tap studio floor moved.  However, it moved after the camera in that room shut down and weirder yet, we all heard what sounded like a Childs voice come from that room.  It was very loud and clear!  We were able to capture the voice on the recorders and the timestamp tells us that it occurred when the camera in the same room shut down.   

While the evidence gathered that evening wasn’t overwhelming and abundant, it was very interesting and we weren’t able to debunk it.   For me, hearing a voice come from a room I know is empty and is not one of our investigators is always intriguing.  I do believe that there is more going on than meets the eye here and it looks like this location will definitely warrant a follow-up investigation.


Private Investigation Little Elm, TX

The TexPart Team was called to a private residence in Little Elm to investigate reports of paranormal activity.  The home was a newer 2 story brick home in a fairly quiet subdivision.  The two occupants were pleasant and level headed and there were three dogs residing in the home as well.  The clients told us that  Over the past 6 months they had been experiencing explainable activity in the house and that it had been getting progressively worse. The activity included their closed bedroom door which awoke from their sleep and scared the dogs. The room smelled of sulfur and the temperature changed rapidly from hot to cold. Things were moved and the clients felt that the activity was affecting their health. They called TexPart because they were at a point where they wanted to leave the house as soon as possible, but were bound to this house by a lease.

The Investigation

Four members of TexPart (“The Team”) arrived at the home in the mid-afternoon as activity was not prone to occur at any specific time.   The area surrounding the home was pretty quiet for a subdivision and nothing could be noted that might have explained any of the noises or experiences felt or heard by the clients. The team investigated using numerous devices and methods.  Burst EVP sessions were used to try to capture any disembodied voices or answers to questions unheard by the team during the sessions.  Several interesting responses were actually captured during our sessions using a device called “the portal”.  The Portal is a spirit box type device uses a word cache that is run backwards using various voices.  Words randomly generate but usually make no sense because they are generated backwards.  The theory is that when words a generated that make sense, seemingly in direct response to a direct question and if they are not backwards then they may have been a result of paranormal interference.  For instance, we asked the question, “why do you bother the client’s dog?”  The response was clear and almost immediate ” because its fun”   We were unable to capture anything on video.   While in the media room on the second floor one of the team members did experience a heavy tug to the back of her chair that was so hard it made her jump and almost unseated her and right after that a shadow that crossed the wall behind where two other investigators sat and watched it go into the hall.  The room did seem to get very cold during this time. After the shadow went into the hall, we also observed that the two smaller dogs quickly made their way down the stairs while the larger dog who had been coming up the stairs to check out what we were doing immediately stopped at the top of the stairs.  He seemed to cower a bit and turned around and went back down stairs.  Its hard to say why they dog actually did this but it was very odd timing.  

Based on what evidence we did find, we did feel that something was going on that needed some resolution.   TexPart worked with the clients to educated them about how stress and worry effects energy in a home which then could then create some forms of paranormal activity.  People do cause hauntings in high stress situations and it is important that those tensions are discussed and a plan is made to help them get resolved in order to diffuse human based paranormal activities. We then asked a priest to come bless the home and help us clear any negative and harmful spirits out of the area. 

The Clients report that the activity had decreased drastically.



In June, TexPart Paranormal LLC completed an investigation of a grave site known as one of Dallas areas top 10 most haunted sites. 

Our mission was to gather evidence to determine if this notorious site was indeed haunted by a man urban legend says killed his wife and daughters and then killed himself or was there more to this legend that met the eye. 

The team arrived after dark one June evening to find a quiet, unusual little cemetery.   I say unusual because the layout of the cemetery seemed as though it might have been all one plot of ground with a nice fence and gate but somewhere in time, a rather unthoughtful road was placed straight down the center which undid any symmetry that the cemetery may have had .   I could see an area where an outer wall had been and perhaps a gate but the rest was just open to the surrounding roads.  This may also be why the Smileys grave was placed right at roadside.  The family plot was surprising near the small road but thankfully made it easy to access.  

Upon arrival I noted the fact that all persons listed on the large Smiley tombstone did indeed die the same day.  Several Smiley relative’s plots surrounded the large family tombstone.  

Also noteworthy was the fact that so many others had reported a foul stench while investigating and that during our time at the site, we too encountered the very rank smell.

Locusts and other loud bugs as well as road noise from the highway nearby made gathering EVPs on the recorders nearly impossible that night.  It was a very warm and humid night and an occasional cold breeze would swirl through our small gathering of investigators.  Honestly the breeze was significantly colder and I could never account for that. 

We did have some interesting answers on our equipment that we used and static based equipment that should not have worked (such as para scopes) with such humidity did also return answers.  Interestingly, the answers correlated with findings from research we did later.  What we discovered is that the murder just that RUMORS and not fact based.   

We searched for articles about the murders on the May 1927 date in the area.  We found nothing that even remotely correlated to the Smiley family.  But with further digging what I did find was interesting.

Charles Oscar Smiley was only 37 when he and his family were killed.  Interestingly there is a “rest of the story” that paranormal enthusiasts dont seem to embrace…. something we found to be the truth even in the answers given during our EVP, Rem Pod and Portal sessions: This family actually passed away resulting from a tornado that killed 17 people in Garland, Texas. Among those killed were all the members of the family of Charlie O. Smiley with the exception of his five year old son Dorit Smiley.  No one mentions that their small son survived, was raised by extended family and lived on into his 80s.  So many just want to believe that this man was monstrous enough to kill his 4 daughters, wife and then take his own life.  However this is just not true.  Newspaper articles from May 9. 1927 showed a very large and deadly tornado tore through Garland and left 17 people dead.  From what I read, the Smiley family was the least fortunate of all the victims in that all but one small boy was killed that day nearly wiping out the entire family.   Ill attach the newspaper article shortly so that all can read it.   

As for the foul stench, the landfill is a very short distance away and during certain times they incinerate garbage which lets off a very foul methane odor which might in part account for the smell we encountered.


Private Dallas Residence

Private Arlington Residence

Private Aubrey Residence

Jefferson Fall Conference

Perot Museum of Natural History

This was a investigation of really amazing undisclosed popular location. We were called in to gather evidence that might support the Parasychological Theory of Survival of Conscious.  Based on evidence gathered this investigation was a success.

Investigations 2016

Collin County Prison Remote Investigation

TexPart was given the honor of investigating the old Collin County Prison in McKinney, TX in preparation for our Ghost Walk Presentation in October. Because this is a CPA firm and due to potential privacy and confidentiality issues, we were not able to stay the night at this location in person. However, we were allowed to set up all cameras and record the locations activity through the night until we picked up the equipment the next morning.

Some the employees at that location stated that when they had to work late at night, they heard what sounded like keys jingling, a chair rolling around the flooring on one of the upper levels, a tin cup sliding back and forth on cell bars and slamming cell doors.

The prison was built in the late 1800s to replace the small wooden jail that was located near the square. It is constructed out of limestone blocks quarried at Squeeze Penny, TX. It is built in a “T-Style” structure, meaning that it is built in the shape of a capital ‘T”. The front part of the building was to house the Warden and his family with the back part house the inmates. Originally the structure was only 2 stories but due to space issues and the need for an indoor exercise area, the third floor was built in the early 1930s. The original cells were removed from the second floor space in recent years but there were 4 original cells left on the 3rd floor where we set up the cameras.

We reviewed the evidence and due to outside noise from the local shops, evidence had to be ignored until the 3-330 mark. However around that time, we did get several EVPs including ones that sounded like keys on a cell chain jingling, what sounded like a tin cup on bars and an old squeaky wooden office chair on wheels rolling around the floor (3rd floor). This pretty much verified everything that the employees had told us. We also caught an interesting shadow that passed in front of two cameras within seconds of each other. No one was up in the building when this happened.

Investigation of a Private Melissa, TX location.

Private Residence Investigation Wylie location

Walnut Springs Investigation

Jefferson Investigation1 & 2

Tyler Investigation

Mom & Popcorn downtown square McKinney


The Celt

The Magic Shop

Investigation of a Grand Prairie Residence

Investigation of a private residence in Texarkana Texas

Jefferson, TX

Texpart attended the paranormal convention held at the visitors center in Jefferson Texas. After the convention the group volunteered to lead an investigation of one of the wonderful antique shops in the city.  Visitors and fellow groups alike gatherered to see the the equipment used, share ideas and have great time looking for the Jefferson ghosties in the shop.  We had many interesting things happen while we were at that site.  We interacted with shadows and talked to disembodied voices.  This was so much fun that TexPart plans on participating again at the convention that will be held in November 2015.

Hale House

Tyler, TX

Old Tyler Jail

Terror Nights Tyler TX

This investigation was held at an old warehouse near the railroad tracks. This location is also used as a haunted house attraction during October. Many legend have spun up over the years alleging murders, and suicides. TexPart Investigator, Jason Black, was investigating one of the warehouses on site with Investigator, Patrick Doyle of the TV show Ghost MIne. The bright round light to the left of the screen is Mr. Doyles headlamp. The only other person that ware house was Jason Black. Both Investigators kept hearing walking, scrapping and sound coming in between them. Jason turned on his flashlight but saw nothing. He then shut off his light and used his camera to take a series of 3 photos in the direction of the sounds. Photos 1 & 3 showed nothing, however, look what was on photo 2. The photo below clearly shows a figure.It appears to have its hands in its pockets and it is walking away from Mr. Black. There even seems to be a distinction between the jacket and the pants. This is one of the BEST photos of evidence we have ever had!

Ghost Photo caught during an investigation in Tyler

Tombstone Arizona

Investigations of the Bird Cage Theatre, Haunted Hotel, Boot Hill and the Tombstone Court House.   This was meant to be a fun outing at a very haunted location.  The citizens of Tombstone made sure the 60+ visiting paranormal investigators had a fabulous and memorable time- despite some dubious events that happened while we were there.  Overall it was an amazing trip


An all night investigation of a haunted hospital.  As one of the last groups to investigate this very haunted location, Yorktown Hospital now sits vacant and closed to groups because its rapidly decaying structure.  Investigators at this site get scratched, choked, hair pulled, hear voices, see shadows and never leave disappointed or withour experience.  Texpart is very glad to have been able to investigate this historic landmark.


The group was called to check out the claims of a Plano home owner.  The claims were that someone had gotten into bed with her, walked up and down the hall repeatedly, caused the dog to bark and was in general making life in her home very uncomfortable.  TexPart sent a small group to interview the home owner and  ultimately ascertained the solution for this home just by interview.  While a few occurences have happened after our visit the owner no longer feels threatened and understands how to handle the situtation should it arise again.  During a seperate visit to the home, we were able to help a neighbor next door close a portal that was allowing the spirits to wander from place to place freely.  This helped both residents afterward. 

Remote Investigation of Old First National Bank of McKinney

This was a remote investigation of an one of the first banks established in McKinney Texas.  With many of original features of this old bank in place the owner of this gorgeous boutique allowed Texpart to be the very first investigators of this old establishment. 

Unfortunatley because this location is directly on the square and there is a bar two doors down, most of the early evening to late evening recordings were contamenated with outside noise, voices and laughter so anything up until 2:30 am had to be ruled out.

From the hours of 3 am until we returned around noon, nothing paranormal occured and it was quiet asI a tomb. 

September 12, 2015 Investigation of a Private Location

The owners of this home as well as guests and visitors have experienced paranormal occurences from whispers, shadow figures, and things that move on their own.  THese owners are ready to take back there home.  TexPart with the assistance of our x-team will help them do just that.


January 4, 2014

Undisclosed public location. 

This is a new investigation of a very interesting public use building where we found some pretty amazing paranormal activity during a brief, more social event in late 2013.  Our hope is that we can actually document some of the activity we all witnessed last visit.

Chestnut Square February 1, 2014 McKinney, TX

This was an on-going, monthly event for new members and members of the public that would like to attend a safe, hands-on ghost hunting investigation at a proven haunted location.  This is a wonderful learning experience that allows the brave-at-heart an opportunity to explore 3- 5 haunted homes with the assistance of experienced ghost hunters and professional equipment.  Results from each investigation vary from month to month and we thought it would be fun to show you what we our guest investigators find.

February 7, 2014- Mengar Hotel, San Antonio and USS Lexington, Corpus Christi

This was an amazing journey for all involved.  We had an outstanding time and are already in the process of planning for another similar trip next year. We started by staying the night in the historic Mengar Hotel in San Antonio.  Our rooms were in the historical/victorian section of the hotel where many a famous person in history trod.  The group spent the evening exploring the many photos & historic relics and we even sat in the Mengars bar area where Teddy Roosevelt is said to have ridden his horse Texas in and recruited for his rough riders. We set up an EVP session and Scott did a reading which produced some very accurate answers to a murder that occurred in the hotel long ago. The team toured the city, scurried for dinner and ate a marvelous breakfast in a dining room where many a President had dined. 

We then headed on to Corpus Cristi for our investigation of the USS Lexington.  Upon arriving later in the day the group adventured to Black Beard’s for a wonderful meal of fish and fine food. We learned that Black Beard’s was reputed to be haunted and the group determined that perhaps it would arrange an investigation if we returned again sometime.  The group then headed for its overnight stay pf the USS Lexington. 

The Lexington is a massive multi-leveled carrier ship that was used for battle as well as training.  The Japanese called it the “gray ghost” because they would successfully bomb it, watch it sink, only to have it resurrect itself so that it could be repaired and returned to inflict more damage later. It was an eerie feeling to be on this ship.  You can feel the ghostly inhabitants as they bustled about their eternal business and hear the roar of the long silent plane engines as the came and went from deck to deck.  There were areas dark with long forgotten blood from blasts that opened massive holes in the ship and sucked lives from its insides.  It seemed as though many wanted of the unseen inhabitants wanted to talk because they never felt heard because the results of our investigation of this site was beyond amazing. We heard people talking, walking and knocking where we were the only ones present; we saw fleeting shadows and got answers from those passed about themselves that later research completely confirmed. EVPs, pictures and personal experiences made this one of our favorite places. We were honored to have been able to investigate this amazing piece of history.

On the trip back home, we were all a bit disappointed that it was over.  So as a last hoorah, we stopped at the Texas Ranger museum.  We weren’t disappointed that we stopped.   It was a well put together museum full of amazing artifacts and I think we all came out knowing some new.

March 2014 Undisclosed Location

Investigation of a haunted school.  Because this is a public school we cannot disclose its location or our results.

Muncey Massacre Site May 3, 2014

In the fall of 1843 Jeremiah Muncey and his family were massacred by Indians at their home in north Plano between Plano and Jupiter Roads on the south bank of Rowlett Creek. The Indians had camped upstream the night before. As they proceeded down Rowlett Creek, they came upon two boys hunting. The Rice boy was killed and the Searcy boy escaped. The Indians continued down the creek to the Muncey place. The Muncey home was a lean-to that they were using while they constructed their home. Jeremiah Muncey, his wife, a three-year-old child and neighbor McBain Jameson were all killed. Two of Muncey’s boys were taken by the Indians and never seen again. The site of the massacre is marked, as well as spot where the Munceys were buried. 


This was an interesting investigation and many of our investigators came up with some interesting finds.  However, TexPart went back into the newpaper archives that reported the event and then cross checked that with books written nearer to the time it happened as well as knowledge from the sites plaques.  Unfortunately the varied information we found conflicts somewhat with regard to whom might have been responsible and to the details of what really happened that it is impossible for us to positively verify any of the information we gathered while on the investigation.

Hill House in Gainesville, Texas May 24, 2014

12 Investigators spent the the night into the wee hours of the morning investigating the famous haunted Gainesville home.  We had the pleasure of having some wonderful guests with us that evening who did a great job helping TexPart as active investigators.  TexPart has investigated this location many times and this home never disappoints.  Our investigators caught some great EVPs that were answers to our questions about historical occurrences (which we researched afterwards and found to be amazing accurate.)

April 20, 2013

Investigation of a private residence in Texas. This location will be kept  unannonced  to allow  its residents privacy.

This home may  have been the site of  brutal unsolved murder where a young man was beaten, shot and  his dead  body was thrown on the railroad tracks to be mutilated by a train.

TexPart was called to perform an investigation of the home possibly involved and the surrounding area to help the owner understand certain unexplainable events that occurred in  her home.

Churchills Investigation

This historical pub located on the south east side of the historic McKinney downtown square was the site of many shady and dubious businesses in bygone years.  As one of many of McKinney’s brothels and pubs it has seen its far share of historic figures in its day.  TexPart had investigated this site in years past and investigated again this year to obtain some new evidence and experiences for this years Ghost Walk.

Investigation of a private residence in Saginaw

TexPart was called to assist a young couple with strange events in their home.  Unable to sleep at night and disturbed by something unseen, TexPart ventured to Saginaw where some evidence, EVPs and personal experiences verified the couples need to regain their beautiful home. 

When the team arrived, we found a very pretty home in a well kept housing area.  The homes history presented some issues investigation wise as we could not verify anything claimed by our clients or their neighbors.  The claims were that the original owners brought in a young vagrant male who became infatuated with the owners wife.  THe short version is that when the owner/husband asked the young man to leave, he become upset, grabbed a knife  from the kitchen and seriously injured and disfigured the husband.  The neighbors called the police because they heard the screaming and the young man ran.  The owners went to the hospital and at sometime while they were gong the young man came back and tried to steal the brothers pickup.  Again the neighbor called the police who immediately came and upon finding the man hiding in the bush under the front window, the police asked him to come out.  The details from this point were sketchy but somewhere in this request the young man rose up from the bush and one of the policeman thinking he had a gun shot and killed the young man.  Again- we could find no evidence of this in any newspaper or police report.  But- the young man is who was believed to be haunting the home.

The clients reported hearing footsteps on the second floor while on the first floor, a male voice in the hall way, shadow figures and feelings of being held down  while sleeping. TexPart investigated the home and did find some evidence of activity in the home.  However, some of this could be contributed to a very high EMF reading from electrical equipment and HVAC in the attic area directly above the master bedroom. 

The team performed a clearing for the couple and showed them how to clear for themselves to help them maintain a positive environment. To date, no further paranormal reports have been made.

Pecan Grove Cemetery, McKinney TX

As a practice event, the members of TexPart went out to this historic cemetery and collected photographic and EVP evidence for review practice.  Many of the investigators captured some interesting EVPs and a few unexplainable photos.  While cemeteries can be excellent sites for practice and research, please note that most do not allow people to stay much past sundown and many are well policed.  Please adhere to the rules posted if you are making visits to these locations and be respectful.

Olds Settlers & Bradley Cemeteries, McKinney

TexPart explored these cemeteries for the first time in September of 2013.  They are two very old cemeteries, one was a family owned plot and the other was where indigent, slaves and Indians were buried.  When an expansion to the road went in between the cemeteries, it is rumored that many bodies were covered by that road because they were in unmarked graves.  The members of TexPart looked to see if any of the old Bois d’arc markers could be found but while it seemed fairly obvious where some of the graves were, no markers were found.  It rained that day as well making EVP collection impossible.

Chestnut Square

Chestnut Square is an ongoing investigation of a multi-historic home property located in McKinney Texas.  It is our favorite teaching, learning and training location.  We always get new evidence at this location. Report to follow.

November 16, 2013

Investigation of a private residence in McKinney, Texas

This is an ongoing investigation of a residence that reported apparitions, negative energy, sleep disturbances, and an overall decline in health and well-being.

The team has been to this location several times to assist this family.  It was very apparent that they were sleep deprived and needed help getting normalcy back in their lives.  The clients presented several blogging camera videos of occurrences centered around one of their young children while he slept.  Another seriously ill adult in the home reported seeing apparitions of relatives in her room and her health seemed to decline each time she returned to the home.

TexPart noted a severe change in atmosphere upon entering the home for the first time.  General feelings of danger, depression and anxiety were well noted. We investigated using standard equipment and did have many personal experiences.  We said some prayers and laid salt lines to help bring some peace of mind to the clients.  After this was done, the clients reported peaceful sleep, no further disturbances and appeared to look and feel more at rest.

However, because of the nature of this case and some of the suspected causes for the activity, TexPart called in a Priest to bless the home and comfort the clients.  To date, no further activity has been reported and both children and adults are now sleeping without being disturbed.

November 2013- undisclosed public location

Early this month, TexPart was called into a do an investigation of a school reported by many as having varied types of paranormal occurrences.  The claims were slamming doors, apparitions, voices,  footsteps, books that moved in the library and small statues that would move different directions while coaches and teachers were there during hours out of the normal school times and things that occurred during school times as well.

While the group was there, we covered the school by using camcorders, K-2s, handheld voice recorders and an assortment of other devices meant to help us find evidence.  The experience was amazing. During this investigation one of our investigators looked in a classroom as she was passing by.  She saw a young boy sitting at a desk looking back at her.  The boy disappeared before her eyes!  Lights (hand switches not motion sensor) kept turning on in various rooms with no one in the classrooms.  The team heard audible voices many times, pans clanging in the kitchen while no one was in there and we did find books randomly pulled out that were not pulled out earlier in the library.  The most dramatic thing that occurred without explanation were an entire hall of doors that randomly slammed shut.  We were all sitting in the cafeteria area discussing evidence and the hall in question was within eyeshot of us. While we could not see all the way down that hall from where we sat, we could see anyone coming or going.  One by one, we heard the doors open and close as if the janitor had come back to check and lock the classroom doors.  Knowing full well that janitor had left at least 1/2 hour earlier, we went to inspect the hall looking for people to blame for the slams.  There were a few coaches who had come back for the late night sports events but they could only account for the door noises related to their locker room/coaching offices.  They assured us that they had not gone down the hall opening and slamming classroom doors.  They honestly didn’t have time to have done them all before we got down the hall anyway.  The coaches related other rather hair-raising experiences that had in that school at that time and invited us back for another investigation which we will gladly take them up on!  TexPart did do some research on this sites history and found that there could be many very good reasons this location has so much activity.  We look forward to incorporating this knowledge into a future investigation.  For now- I think that its safe to say that this location is one of the most active we have investigated this year!


Finch Park, McKinney Texas September 2012

Labor Day weekend, TexPart had the opportunity to investigate Finch Park in McKinney.  Once the location of Collin McKinney this park is rumored to have had shoot outs, famed bank robbers and is the site of the Old McKinney Hospital.  It is also home to a McKinney 100 year old family farm.  Hardship, tragic deaths and happy family events haunt this area and TexPart was onsite in search of evidence that perhaps there was some sort of survival of conscious of these events of days gone by. 


University of North Texas – Bruce Hall – Jan. 2011

 Texpart would like to thank DAPS (Denton Area Paranormal Society), PDAPS (Palo Duro Area Paranormal Society – Amarillo), TRIPP (Wichita Falls), RIP Crew and CTPS (Waco).

Texpart, Denton Area Paranormal Society & guests – University of North Texas – Jan. 1st, 2011.

The search for surviving personality.

Bruce Hall has been investigated several times by Denton Area Paranormal Society, with some Texpart members having participated last year, such as Scott.  It was suggested to me that UNT would be interested in the perspective that Texpart might bring to an investigation, and could benefit from having written reports, a standard for Texpart investigation. 

The clients showed me the areas of interest in Bruce Hall. Of interest during the tour, two spirits were said to haunt the building.  The first is “Wanda” of whom many internet stories surround.  Wanda was said to have been pregnant, or possibly have given birth, and was hiding in the attic on the fourth floor, perhaps out of shame.   I was told that she seems to favor females over males.

The second is the “demon” of the boiler room.  An “angry” spirit, it is believed that the boiler room was once the colored showers during segregation.  A male was believed to have been hung in the area and still has resentment.  Some stories suggest a student, some suggest it was an employee.

Of particular interest is the stories behind the alleged hauntings, and if these are legends or have some basis in reality.                         

From an article posted online:

Wanda — the most famous of UNT’s ghosts — lives on Bruce Hall’s fourth floor and generally stays in the attic, where it is rumored she died, says Kelly Born, Bruce Hall’s director.

Resident assistant Edward Wright says that although Wanda is friendly and mainly pulls pranks, she has scared quite a few people.

“Two years ago, we had some contractors come out and work on the bathrooms on the fourth floor,” Wright says. “They were the only people in the building, and when they walked down the hall, doors would slam as they passed them, and showers started turning on by themselves.”

In addition to Wanda, the “boiler room ghost” haunts the building. He stays in the hall’s basement and opens the room’s metal industrial doors.

“When we go down and shut those doors, they’re always open when we come back,” Wright says. “They’re so heavy. There’s no way they could open by themselves.”

In addition to the reports that found on the internet or by interview, I have also discussed the haunting with Lance from the DAPS (Denton Area Paranormal Society).  He has had DAPS and other guests investigate the area for several years in a row.

From their interviews, I am understand that Lance has spoken with previous residents and resident directors.  There were reports a possible death associated with the old elevator, allegedly a student who was crushed when “elevator surfing.” This remains unconfirmed.

Lance has stated to have previously recorded several EVPS, particularly on the fourth floor of a woman’s voice.   There was also a picture taken by a guest of DAPS who is from a Fort Worth based group.  In the photo, a shadow figure is seen at the top of the stairs in the Boiler room.  At the time of this report, I only have a small clip of this photo.  It appears to have been taken in the dark, and there appears to be a light streak possibly caused by light flare from the ISO setting. This may indicate that the image could be a double image or related issue in the photo-taking process. Without viewing an original, this is difficult to say. Lance also reports that the door of the display case has previously opened and shut on command on previous investigations.

Some background research.

The spirit or survival hypothesis suggests that an apparition is a part of a person that survives bodily death. 

H. Hart et al., ‘Six Theories about Apparitions. Pp. 153-239; and R. Crookhall, Out-of-Body Experiences: A Fourth Analysis. (New York, 1970)

Perry suggests a similar theory explaining that motivations might include attachment to the location or person they are haunting, a call for assistance (perhaps to deal with unfinished business) or intent on behalf of the spirit to offer comfort to a loved one. 31

M. Perry, Deliverance. (Second Edition.), (London, 1996), p.43

Super ESP theory- this theory runs counter to the survival theory, suggesting that paranormal occurrences are the result of the mind picking up information –its the result of telepathic communication from a living person who knew the dead person. 34

H. Hart et al., ‘Six Theories about Apparitions. Pp. 153-239


Denning suggests that some cases, which she calls pseudo-hauntings, do not entail the active intervention of spirit entities, but rather an ‘energy form created by traumatic events (that) seems to be charged with a powerful energy that continues to exist…for a considerable length of time’ 9p.128   –  localized trace or impression.

Tyrell’s idea-pattern.  An apparition is a perceptual expression of an idea. ‘the work of constructing the [apparitional] drama is done in certain regions of the personality which lie below the conscious level’ (p101 – 102) and he contends that it involves ‘something between the two extremes of consciousness and mechanism…which is to a certain extent like an idea, and …to a certain extent like a pattern’  – To note, Tyrell was an engineer, and never was able to articulate his ideas fully.

Gauld suggests that the survival hypothesis be approached with the idea that there should be an apparent reoccurrence of personality of a person who has suffered bodily death. He states that the term of personality is the normal, everyday use of the word that includes “characteristic attitudes and emotions, the style of interactions with other people, his manners and mannerisms, his physical and intellectual skills, the sorts of knowledge he has, and especially his characteristic memory-knowledge.”  Gauld writes, “Thus cases in which there is simply an apparent post-mortem recrudescence of someone’s voice or figure but no indications of recrudescent “personality” will not count per se as “evidence for survival,” and a fortiori cases just of allegedly inexplicable physical happenings will do so either.

Gauld, Alan. (1977). Survival of Bodily Death: Discarnate Survival. (p577).   Handbook of Parapsychology.  Edited by Wolman, Benjamin B.  Litton Educational Publishing, Inc.

The Philip experiment –  In the 1972, a group of parapsychologists lead poltergeist researcher  Dr. A.R.G. Owen, attempted to create a ghost.  They wanted to prove that the human mind could produce spirits through expectation, imagination and visualization. Using extreme and prolonged concentration, they could create their ghost through a collective thought form.  They gave this ghost a life story and a name, Philip Aylesford, to make the ghost as real as possible.  He had a tragic story with details of some actions that led to his death.  The group began contacting Philip in séance sittings modeled after the classic spiritualist séances.  They imagined things about Philip. After several weeks, Philip began to make contact, such as making raps on the table. Philip would answer questions about his made-up history, but could not answer questions about himself beyond that which was invented for him.  He did correctly answer questions about real events and people.  Objects began to move, such as the séance table which slid around and even occasionally chased someone.  Many arguments have been offered to explain this, such as the experiment created an entity or it did summon something up from the spirit world.   It is also very possible that the events were simply created through ESP and Telekinesis. 

Ghost hunting has become a popular new cultural phenomenon and trend.  Many now seek to find evidence of ghosts with pictures, video and audio devices.   Often, this evidence consists of EVPs (electronic voice phenomenon), anomalous pictures, and videos of unexplained happenings.  Often times this “evidence” is motivationally suggestive and lacks substance, such photographic “orbs” commonly caused by light reflections from dust particles that are attributed to “spirits.”  Parapsychology, on the other hand, has long asked the question, “does something of human existence, and even human consciousness, continue after bodily death?”  With this question comes the deeper question, “What exactly is it that survives? Can aspects of human personality survive bodily death?” Gauld suggests that the survival hypothesis cannot be supported with simply captured voices or pictures, or random happenings, even if these things would have a paranormal cause. There would have to by signs of a personality that appear to exist beyond a physical death.

In the case of UNT’s Bruce Hall, there are at least three distinct personalities that are attributed to the hauntings.  Denton Area Paranormal Society and their guests have investigated Bruce Hall on previous investigations and have caught evidence to suggest that paranormal activity does occur at Bruce Hall.  Some of the historical research attempted to explain the legends and facts behind the hauntings has yet to turn up any substantial evidence of the alleged personalities.

These three personalities consist of “Wanda” who haunts the fourth floor, the “demon” of the boiler room, and the man in the elevator.  Wanda, whose real name is unknown, was a young woman thought to be pregnant and hid in the attic area off of the fourth floor. She has been attributed to apparitions and paranormal practical tricks on the living. Her death may have been an apparent suicide. The residence hall director, Josh, states that she prefers women over men. In the boiler room the activity is attributed to an angry spirit that has even been called a demon. The boiler room is suggested to have been the colored shower area during the time of segregation. One resident is believed to have been lynched in this area.  The third personality is more of a mystery. A tragic incident is believed to have occurred involving the elevator.  The stories behind this tragedy are less consistent. However, during a previous DAPS investigation, it is reported to me that lengthy conversation was held with this man by means of an inter trans-communication (ITC) device, a mini-box.  One belief is that this was a college student who was elevator surfing.

Many of the common investigation techniques, some of which is popularized by TV, is for  ghost hunters to ask spirits for signs of their presence or to answers questions about their existence, such as “what is your name, where were you born, and how old are you?” The problem with these types of questions is that it does not explore the personality of the person, only data.  It has been the experience of several Texpart members that emotions can often invoke a response. Unfortunately, many ghost hunters only seem to use anger to provoke responses from alleged spirits. This brings us the first hypothesis.

Hypothesis 1: Whereas the survival hypothesis suggests that some portion of human personality exists after bodily death, then it would be hypothesized that emotional appeals to a localized spirit would appeal to the personality of the spirit and invoke a response.

Texpart has collected numerous EVPs, as many others have as well. Many of these EVPs seem to intelligently answer a question, such as saying yes or no.  While these answers might imply an intelligent consciousness, it does not tell us much about the personality of the individual.  In one EVP, a Texpart member asks the question, “Are you married?” The response given by a man was, “she left.”  This suggests that maybe there was an emotional component to the response. Perhaps the respondent felt some form of separation, abandonment or betrayal? One EVP captured by Texpart from an unrelated investigation is a woman who has response to dancing, “I hate dancin’.”  Of interesting note, the accent of the woman was of perhaps older Southern US accent. These EVPs suggests more personality characteristics of the individual, such as preferences or dislikes.  This attitude held towards an activity thus is reflected in spirit’s response. This brings us to hypothesis two.

Hypothesis 2: During an investigation, can a spirit of a localized haunting be encouraged to give an intelligent response that also reveals something about the personality or nature of character of the individual?

It would be in the interest of the client in this situation to not only reveal if paranormal activity is occurring, but to seek information regarding the personalities that stories attribute the activity too.


Texpart investigated with a small group of 12 people.   This was to help with noise contamination. During the investigation, it was encouraged of members to use information collecting techniques.  Questions for EVP responses were to seek basic information.   This was to include also mediumship means, dowsing sessions and asking for spirits to demonstrate their presence.  But then it was strongly encouraged to rely on various techniques to appeal to emotion.  Some of things attempted were to use female only teams, use period music and speeches from MLK, JR and Malcom X.  It was intended to use some of these speeches in the boiler room, but as expected, the noise from the machinery made it too loud for the speeches.  EVP sessions using live recorders were still attempted in the basement, but the noise made it very difficult.

Several members were listening to recorders for EVPs in real time mode, meaning that they could hear EVPs as they happened.

History research. (completed after investigation)

In regards to the story of an African-American student being hung in the basement, this story does not seem likely. I went to the archives section of the UNT library, where I was given a book about the history of UNT.  This book was discusses that the first black student was a female who commuted from Fort Worth in 1956. There were no reports of violence. Although no dates were given, two older black females were admitted in the dormitories, but it would a significant amount of time before any black men were allowed. (p345). However, another article does state that Heman Sweatt was the first black student in 1950, after he filed suit.  He then attended classes in the doctoral program for law school. In 1961, one black male was assigned to the West Hall.  These were the exceptions, as blacks were generally not allowed to have housing on campus. This was part of the protest in 1969, where several items were being demanded for black students including the right for rooms for black students.   1969 also marked when Kerr Hall was the first dorm to be co-ed.  These records did not really indicate when blacks were allowed to rooms on the dorms, or when Bruce Hall was opened to males or black students.  The book and the article did indicate details about how the first black students were treated. Although many did suffer prejudice, there appeared to be no reported violent acts.  With racial tensions, it would seem likely that if such an incident did occur, it would have caught a lot of media publicity, which there is no media that supports this.  The likelihood of a black male student having been hung in the basement appears highly unlikely. 

The other version of this story is that the man was an employee.  Again, it would seem that if this was the case, there should exist some time type of record some where.

Wanda – Of course this is the most popular story. 

Various reports have been given. One story online suggests that she died in the 1930’s from having starved herself from an abortion. This is not likely, as Bruce Hall did not open until 1946.  This same story references elevator surfing that took place and suggested that some people were killed in the process.  This reports also talks about séances that have taken place.  Another report given to this website was that she was pregnant and too scared to tell her parents, so she hid out in the attic over the Christmas break. She attempted to abort the baby herself, but died from internal bleeding.  She was not found until three weeks later.  

There was also a suggestion posted in a blog on snopes that the lady had died on a different dorm before Bruce Hall was opened.

One story suggested that starved herself due to a broken heart. 

One comment online suggests that a man made homecoming queen was made by residents in 1975. She was named Wanda Skutnick.  Her face was made of plywood and her body was a wardrobe body. This was written by someone who claimed to be the Bruce Hall Kazoo queen named Melinda Iley. — Just a note, its seems a good possibility that this could be the origin of the name Wanda, although this is unclear, as it is uncertain where the idea to name the manikin actually came from. We can see that the name does at least go back that far in time.   

A myspace page has been created with Wanda being said to be the creator.

The archive section of the UNT library led me to an article in the campus newspaper from April 18, 1995.  In this article, she cites an Ann Rankin who lived in A323.  She lived across the hall from a woman who began hemorrhaging. According to Rankin, “She bled through a pillow, and the house mother finally had to call her parents. She went home, and no one ever said another word about her.  In 1964, the word abortion wasn’t used, but looking back, I ‘m sure that she had an illegal abortion and that was why she hemorrhaged.” In this article, Wanda was believed to have passed away in the 1950’s or 60’s.  However, Dr. Peggy Quinn, then a professor at UT-Arlington, states that she recalls ghost stories when she lived there in 1957, but there is no mention of the name Wanda at that time.

In researching the Campus Chat, I did find an article from April 4th, 1941.  “Funeral Rites For Elaine Speight Held Last Sunday.”  She was 23 and a senior.  She had an acute attack of a blood stream ailment from which she had suffered several years.  Ms. Speight died on the college hospital, which she had entered upon returning from a week-end in Waco, where she had been stricken while visiting relatives.”  This so far is the only reported death that would seem to match the legend that has been discovered so far. However, Bruce Hall is reported to have opened in 1946.  This may however match the claim suggested online that the person attributed to the story died elsewhere on campus.

Elevator surfing. This Legend is not as well known, but it still surfaces. What is said to have occurred was students were elevator surfing, or riding on top of the elevator.  From looking inside the elevator, this certainly was a possibility.  Inside the elevator, there was no solid door that closed like modern elevators. There is a small space to where you can climb up and see into the elevator shaft. I was able to see in the wall of the shaft a cockroach mascot drawing, which means someone had to either climb into the shaft, or opened the door while the elevator was in between floors, both likely to be unsafe. However, it again seems likely that if a death had occurred as a result of the accident, it would have been reported or it would continue to have more of an oral legend to it.  It seems more likely that there might have been someone who was hurt, perhaps not even critically hurt, and that rumors were started as well.

Of course, as expected, youtube has video footage of a haunted house scare prank that occurs just outside the elevator.

What is very clear from all of this is that the legends have been going on for many years.  It has become an urban legend based on oral storytelling, which accounts for the many versions of the stories.  In fact, there is a story published online discussing the ghost of Don Henley (and Marvin Lee “Meatloaf: Aday and Norah Jones) roaming Bruce Hall, and even feeding off the souls of freshmen. Don Henley is of course still alive.

Wanda is likely a name and story that have been generated from other occurrences, and often used by students to explain things that happen.

Texpart’s investigation.

I received several clips of reported EVPs from Lance from DAPs.  Upon further review, these were in fact the voices of other investigators, and were not EVPs.  This was verified by recordings from other Texpart members.

Lance also reported that the wall cabinet on the fourth had its door open and close on command in past investigations.  He reported to be seeing it move upon command in this investigation as well.  When I walked upon the scene, the cabinet no longer seemed to respond, and I did not see any movement. None of this appeared on video, as Texpart members were still setting up the DVR cameras.

Scott’s EVPs samples. Another EVP that was captured by Scott says, “Doesn’t know who she is.”  At one time Scott asked the question, are we getting too personal, and there was a “yes” response.  This EVP also appears on the hand held video recorder, just before Diana speaks.

Very late into the night, Tommy, Scott, Josh, Melinda and I were on bottom floor at the elevator shaft entrance shaft. We were listening to voice recorders live.  We had some activity where Josh’s flashlight appeared to turn off and on as commanded.  Tommy, Josh, Melinda and Ty all heard a “yeah” voice very clearly over the recorders. Scott did not hear it audibly, but it was captured on his video recorder.  This was very loud, clear and audible, and could not be associated with any other person.  All other investigators had left by this time.  Only the resident directors were remaining in the building, in their rooms.  This is a definitive EVP.

DVR cameras were set up in the basement and up on the fourth floor.  Neither set of camera picked up anything unusual.  No unusual pictures were discovered.  Some did have unusual orbs, but this could easily have many other explanations.

The following weekend, Diana, Frank and Ty joined and investigation held by TRIPP paranormal, from Wichita Falls.  Central Texas paranormal joined in this investigation, have placed their report online. 

Judy reports getting EVPS from the third floor, just off of the stairwell.  One is claimed to be saying, “its cold” and the other “come over here.”  These EVPs are faint.

There is a video by Central Texas Paranormal showing a ball being used as a trigger object in the basement. I was not present for this event.  The ball shows to be moving.  It is unclear what factors made the ball moved, but they believe it could be paranormal.  There is a lot of noise in the basement, and it could be possible that sound waves or other factors could cause a ball to move.  This would have to be replicated on future investigations to confirm.

While the evidence is not overwhelming or extremely compelling, it is believed that there are paranormal events are taking place here.  Texpart does utilize mediums in investigations. Although the mediums did pick up on several spirits being present, none of them appeared to be one of the ghost legends or claimed to know about them. Research is still ongoing about the spirits the mediums were talking too. Suspected names of these individuals are not being released to the public. With the lack of evidence for a Wanda actually existing as in the story, it is most likely that these are fictitious ghosts, perhaps born from some true stories. It could be that residences experienced actual paranormal events and named the spirit they believed was haunting them, based on previous stories passed down.  It is also likely that residents may be aware of the ghost stories, and likely imagine things or attribute normal occurrences as something paranormal.  It is also likely that some stories are simply pranks and college humor.  The hypothesis in the experiment were not really met, and really are not likely to apply, if in fact there really was no such persons.  None of the evidence is compelling to enough to suggest survival of conscious or a specific personality.  If actual paranormal events are occurring, the sources are unknown and possibly vary.  Since there are Ouija boards in student check-in sections, reports of Ouija boards, obvious haunted houses, scary pranks and lots of storytelling (which is should be expected in a college dorm), it’s likely that some of the activity could be created by students themselves, such as what has occurred in the Philip case.  None of the given EVPs, legitimate or not, offer any real clear sign of an intelligence.  It is possible that explanations could relate back to what is referred to as residual hauntings, or ideas in quantum physics that suggest multi-universe or wormholes. 


January 2010-Freestone County Investigation

This was a special investigation of a historical preservation site.  This investigation included the Freestone County (3rd) Prison), Historical Museum, Cabins, Telephone room, First Baptist Church and surrounding grounds.

McKinney MPAC Center (Old Collin County Courthouse)

The Catfish Plantation- June 26, 2010

 Texpart took a trip to Waxahachie, Texas in 2008 while the Travel Channel was filming its segment for it’s haunted restraunts. We immediately were intrigued with this site.  After some time, we joined a fellow paranormal group for this investigation/tour.   This was a well presented investigation sponsored by our friends, Fort Worth Paranormal.  The Plantation and the FWP did a wonderful job presenting the group 20 or so people with the details about the specters said to haunt this establishment and also in giving the group a sample of the Plantations fine food and hospitality.  As an experienced group, we had the privilege of investigating this establishment on our own and we were allowed to conduct the investigation as we would normally.  This made for some interesting personal experiences and the opportunity to try to collect evidence of our own.  Texpart would like to extend our sincere thanks to everyone who helped make our group feel welcome and to all for a really great time!!

Plano Ghost Tour (Dallas Morning News) Prep

Texpart was invited to attend the first Dallas Metro Ghost Tours with Chris Coates of Dallas Morning News.  Texpart toured haunted hot spots and gathered information for our future investigations of these historic sites.  Many interesting businesses were included.  These included the Plano Center for Art, Carpenter House B&B, Plano Masonic Lodge and the Plano Railroad depot.

The Carpenter House 8-23-10

Saturday, August 21, 2010, 8 TEXPART team members were honored to be the first team to investigate this gorgeous home.  Owners Pat and Stan Black asked Texpart to come and investigate this historic home of Plano.  Used to entertain many in the late 1800s into the better part of the mid- 1900s and now used as a B&B and host to weddings and celebrations, this home has been the hub of activity in the area.  The owners of the home report that this home houses more than just the living.  Claims varied from ghostly laughter, children running and playing in the upper halls. disembodied footsteps, a spectral man in a black suit seen from the corner of the eye, ghostly music from a piano no longer in the home, toilets that flush by them selves, footsteps on the stairs and halls heard by friends in the home and a host of other activities reported by friends, relatives and persons who know the old home from personal experiences.

Texpart arrived at the location at 7 pm.  We wanted to perform this invesigation as measurably scientific as possible with the hope of getting more quantifiable evidence in the end.  The team did an outstanding job of covering this home and the results were interesting.  Footsteps were heard on the stairs with no physical being on the staircase, disembodied childrens laughter was heard in the upstairs room by many of the investigators, shadow figures were seen and the toilet did flush itself.  The team is currently reviewing evidence and it will posted as we are able to prove (or disprove) it. 

The TEXPART team gives a big thanks to the owners of this home and especially to Pat who allowed several members to spend the night and not only experience her wonderful B&B hospitality- but also a few of the unseen hosts as well.

We would like to stress that we HIGHLY recommend this location for any event. The atmosphere is beautiful, grand and romantic!  All investigators reported feeling comfortable with their experiences and found nothing threatening or frightening in nature.  This was a wonderful experience!!

More will posted as reviewed.

Morning Star Treasures September 4, 2010

Landon’s Winery September 4, 2010


Investigation of  Private Residence,  Texarkana, Tx   2-28-09

Name of Investigators: JJ, Ty, Scott, Jimmy, Diane, Mike
Location of Investigation: Private Residence located at Texarkana, Arkansas, just several blocks from the Texas border.
Time of Day Arrived: ~6:00 PM Start Time: ~8:30 Departed: ~1:00AM
Date of Investigation: February 28, 2009
Lead of Your Group: JJ

The house was built around 1900 and was designated a historical Landmark in the year 2000. It was noted on the Internet that it had been a “prairie school” from 1900-1924.  

Historic Significance: Architecture/Engineering
Architectural Style: Prairie School
Area of Significance: Architecture
Period of Significance: 1900-1924

Part of the process of obtaining the historical landmark designation from the state requires the applicant to do extensive research on all of the previous homeowners. This was done by the client and she had compiled a vast knowledge on them. After reviewing the facts with the client, I realized that it had been a very popular school of music where students were taught and performed their music thus the school designation.  The client was aware that there had been renters over the years but information on them was unknown. They bought the house from Jan Cochran. The owners did have a conflict between family members as to what to do with the house before it was sold.

The house was beautifully decorated from antiques with an old mid-century French theme to it. The client is interested in collecting and possibly restoring antiques furniture and other old collector’s objects such as nutcrackers. She has an old doll that has some paranormal activity attached to it but was unable to remember where she acquired it.
All Texpart members found the home to be an amazing piece of history and bygone era.

Equipment used by Investigators: Canon PowerShot A630 Camera, Sony IC Recorder MP3 with external mic, Olympus VN-4100PC DVR with external mic, Olympus WS-100 DVR with external mic. Lorex DVR system with 4 Day/Night Indoor/Outdoor color cameras. Sony night vision camcorder, Olympus voice recorder.

Three Olympus WS-110 voice recorders, one Radio Shack conference microphone, Omega HH501AT Thermocouple type T thermometer, K2 meter, Mobitronic 12 megapixel camera designed to shoot only infrared spectrum, Modified Olympus sp-310 digital camera (for IR and full spectrum), Fluke 971 temperature humidity meter, Lutron EMF field tester EMF-822a, Mobitronic modified K-3 meter.

Controls used by Investigators: Doll placed on table that was reputed to play by itself.  Several pennies placed in spare bedroom on desk to see if they would move.  Investigators investigated in pairs.  We noted any noise that we knew would be picked up on recorders that we could identify as external to the investigation. While investigating in teams of two we carried our digital cameras at all times and carried a flashlight in case it was needed.

Information pertaining to investigation:

Temperature and EMFs readings were taken by Jimmy and Diane in each of the rooms, and all records recorded. Initial pictures were also being taken.

Interview with client: Client initially contacted Ty by phone. He also spoke with her in more detail at the residence as well as did Scott, Jimmy and JJ. It seems to be common for visitors to be uncomfortable at this house. The daughter of the client spoke with someone who used to baby-sit at the house and stated that she would never go back into the house. The neighbor was looking after the house while client were out of town. The neighbor saw an object (a candle) fly through the air as she was leaving the house (at the same location where the daughter saw a full body apparition). The next day the neighbor found all the kitchen cabinet doors open. A man once spoke with a client at the door who claimed to have once lived there. The client offered to let him see the work that had been done on the house, but the man stated that he was never entering the house again. Other guests have complained about having bad dreams and nightmares while staying in the home.

Client believes that she saw a very similar apparition that her daughter did, but this time it was in the master bedroom. She states that she sometimes sees shadows out of the corner of her eyes. She is unsure if she is actually seeing things, or if somehow they are illusions.  She also told us that she was awakened by someone saying “excuse me” and after having this occur several times and believing that the person asking was her daughter, she said loudly, “enough with the excuse me’s and tell me what you want” she then went on to say that after no answer she rolled over and found no one there.  She has not had that happen again.
Client also reported a doorbell that went off several times with no cause.  It is a hard -wired (not battery) doorbell.

When client first initially bought the home, she was working on the house with another person – they experienced some unusual loud banging sounds. Client felt chased out of the house in her nightgown at one point. She also reports hearing footsteps in the attic and voices around the house.

Summary of the Investigation:

No significant EMF spikes around the house or “interactions” with EMF meters. Several photos with IR and FS cameras were taken, nothing significant was found. Client has an EMF meter and has reported unusual readings. There is a steady EMF field throughout the house, and a novice with EMF detectors could misinterpret readings. It is suggest ignoring any EMF readings in the house below 3 milligauss. A possible paranormal fluctuation would be much higher and would be significant if they were intelligent responses.

Upon audio review, there were a few suspect class C EVPs that were thrown out. There does appear to be two class A EVPs, one that says, “Go away” and another that says, “Excuse me.” Both were captured with the microphone in the center room and appear to be female, possibly the same voice.

Shadows in the master bedroom could in fact be illusions. The layout of the room and all the objects could lend itself to this. The room has a very three dimensional feel to it by design.

There were knocking sounds heard in the kitchen area, but it is very inconclusive to origins, so this is not being presented as evidence. There were many similar knocks that were man-made and some made by the refrigerator.

The subjective feelings experienced by the investigators could from a number of causes. They could be purely psychological, or they could be caused by something natural such as geological features under the house.

My impression is that something is occurring at this residence. If it is intelligent, which I believe it is, then it does not want much interactions with us as visitors for whatever reason. It would appear that any intelligent spirits are suspicious of visitors based things shared with the client and experiences of the investigation. There is some evidence and suggestions to back up some of the client’s claims, although not enough proof to say what are actually causing this activity.

The Analysis per Scott McKinney.  Please note that evidence of a “psychic nature”, does not necessarily mean that we find a site to be haunted per se.. The suggestions below are based on the many personal experiences encountered while our team was on location.  Spirits can be found anywhere and are often a by product of curiosity or the reasons stated below.  Below you will find some possibilities to help you if you feel uncomfortable in your home.  Sage burnt to clear negative entities is always very helpful but should be done with knowledge and understanding so that a sort of reverse affect doesn’t occur. Doing this procedure incorrectly can aggravate spirits and make them more active.

Intelligent Haunting:

In this style of haunting the entity or entities are aware of their surroundings. Most of the time you will find that these spirits are not confined to one spot, they can move around freely. They aware of the existence of human beings around them and will try to communicate by various methods.

Examples of paranormal activity or communications from an intelligent spirit and not necessary from an earth-bound-spirit (ghost) are:

* Things disappear and then re-appear, often in the very spot where you left them.
* Coins appearing in unusual places or falling from thin air.
* Doors or cabinets being left open.
* Unexplained hot or cold spots in the house.
* Pets seeing things and reacting to it when we cannot.
* Lights turning off or on.
* TV, radios, electrical devices turning on or changing channels.
* Glimpses of light or shadows caught out of the corners of your eyes.
* Hearing your name called behind you and sometimes it sounds like a whisper.
* Feelings of being watched.
* Hearing footsteps or knocking on the walls.
* Unexplained odors such as like cigar or pipe smoke, Perfumes, Flowers, etc.

The best way to decrease the level of paranormal activity is to just acknowledge the spirits. Talk to them normally like they are any other person in a physical body that is in your home. It is best not to encourage them by attaching greater significance to their presence or treating them as a mystery that must be solved.

Low level spirits or negative spirits can be told to leave and if identified should be told to leave. They are not inhuman entities so religious provocation will not be effective to rid the area they are in.
Earth-bound-spirits (ghosts) can be convinced to cross over into the light.

Residual Haunting:

The most common style of haunting is a residual. A residual haunting is like having an impression made in time. The entity may seem to be lost in a time warp. The spirit really isn’t even there, only the energy is. In most cases people may here screaming or crying due to the violence factor that may have caused this traumatic event to happen. People may also hear the sounds of footsteps walking on the stairs or through hallways. These haunting styles always seem to happen in the same place or time of day. There is not an actual entity present in this style of haunting, but the energy that was left behind with the same scene being played out like a video over and over again. Cleansing techniques can be used to get rid of this type of haunting.

Risks and Dangers of spirit communications: There are numerous ways to communicate with spirits and some incorporate the use of tools. The improper use of spirit communication can open up portals and invite undesirable influences and entities into your home or allow them to attach to you. The actual tools used like the Ouija Board or other talking boards are not in itself dangerous but in the manner it is used. At the beginning of the game the user ask any spirit in the room who would like to communicate with him. That is the equivalent to opening your front door and inviting the entire world inside your home. As there are not-so-good people in life, there are not-so-good spirits in the spirit world. You only want to invite good people into your home or life regardless which plane they exist.

The inherent danger of the use of paranormal investigating groups: In the recent years paranormal investigating groups have become very popular as a result of the success of television shows on the paranormal such as TAPS. Almost overnight ghost hunting groups have sprung up everywhere and they tend to attract people who are sensitive who have had several personal paranormal experiences in their lives and seeking answers or closure. When you invite a team into your home you will have investigators walking around with digital recorders asking if any spirit in the room wishes to communicate with them. This can have the same adverse effect as the person using the talking board. The different tool (digital recorder – Ouija board) does not matter when the communication is the same. Spirit communication should be done in a safe way where protection is in place to prevent the introduction of unwelcome spirits or entities into the environment. The protection should also prevent anything from being allowed to attach them to the occupants. The communication should be done by someone who can validate who they are talking to or identify spirits that claim to be someone they are not. Some investigators who are not completely cleansed can bring there own baggage into the home from attachments pick up on other investigations. This is one of the reasons that paranormal activity may pick up right after an investigating group leaves. Most popular haunted sites that have never been thoroughly cleansed and invite numerous groups to investigate will also have increased paranormal activity and will always remain haunted.
Note: a Sage cleansing was not preformed to clear any negative energy in the house.

Overall I did not sense the presence of any benevolent spirits in the house or have any experience with any negative energy what-so-ever.


It would be in the homeowner’s best interest if owner refrains from the ritual of setting off a digital recorder at night. This is only encouraging an increase in paranormal activity and can be construed by the spirit world as setting an appointment with them. There will always be an opportunity to capture EVPs in their home.

The Analysis:

Because of the numerous personal experiences, all members recognize that there is some level of paranormal activity in this home however we cannot, at this time conclude that this home haunted.  No photographic evidence was obtained from this investigation unfortunately.  Texpart did cover the location with every device available and we feel that a complete and competent investigation was performed that night.  

On a positive note, we gather several EVPs such as one that asks “excuse me?” and several other not as clear EVPs.  We found the “excuse me?” EVP VERY significant because it was not one of our females and it directly verified the clients story about a female voice asking for her to “excuse her” in the night. Unfortunately, EVPs can be gathered from nearly any location and thus are not considered as heavily when accessing whether a location is “haunted” or not.  The above conclusions do not mean that your home is NOT haunted; only that we could not obtain the evidence needed to fully support a confirmation as such.  

Investigation of the Stone House B&B and Miss Molly’s B&B follow-up,       Fort Worth, TX  3-18-09

Although Stonehouse Bed and Breakfast does not appear to be haunted, the spirit of the Old West does remain in this beautifully decorated building.  You can even find bullet holes that are still existent in the original wood floor.

Stone House Bed & Breakfast 2401 Ellis Ave. Fort Worth, TX

March 18, 2009

Lead of Your Group: Ty

Investigators:  Chris, Diane, Lisa, Kim, Scott

Special guest investigators: Lisa and Jack

Equipment used by Investigators: Canon PowerShot A630 Camera, Sony IC Recorder MP3 with external mic, Olympus VN-4100PC DVR with external mic, Olympus WS-100 DVR with external mic, Olympus WS-210 DVR with external mic. Canon FS11 Digital video Camcorder, two Lorex DVR systems with Day/Night Indoor/Outdoor color with 7 cameras, Three Olympus WS-110 voice recorders, one Radio Shack conference microphone used with Dell desktop and recorded with Wavepad software Omega HH501AT Thermocouple type T thermometer, K2 meter, Moditronic 12 megapixel camera designed to shoot only infrared spectrum, Fluke 971 temperature humidity meter, Lutron EMF field tester EMF-822a. 


The Stonehouse Bed and Breakfast is located in the Fort Worth Stockyards.  Texpart previously investigated Miss Molly’s which is located about one block away.  Both locations have the same owners, who suggested that we also investigate the Stonehouse.  This location was known to have at least one death on site, and still has bullet holes in the floor from one of its previous visitors.  Innkeeper does not have any reports of activity and maintains there is no activity that occurs that she cannot explain.   It has been alleged to have been a bordello.

The building has the original wood floors, wood walls, and solid wood doors from a nearby 1800’s building.  It is reported that the building was moved from its original location. The building is distinguished by its veneer of polychrome sandstone from Palo Pinto County.  The Stone House Bed and Breakfast does not have a reputation as being haunted as so many other establishments in the area is known to have. 

The house is divided into 10 theme rooms spread out over two floors.  There is a third floor that the public does not have access to.

Information from the website:  Stonehouse Bed & Breakfast  is divided into 10 exquisitely detailed  Theme Rooms.      
This property was an original “cowboy” boarding house used by local and out of town cowboys, tending livestock in the nearby Fort Worth Historic Stockyards.

The building has the original wood floors, wood walls, and solid wood doors from a nearby 1800’s building. As far as the talk about Stonehouse being a “Bordello” well, “These walls don’t talk”, they haven’t in years gone by and still don’t today!


Boarding houses and hotels were once a feature Of the North Side, serving the needs of single men who worked at the many livestock related businesses.

An original structure was a small building behind the current structure, and the tenants had to go outside and down stairs to use the bath. This original structure was used as living quarters while the current boarding house was built.

City codes changed over the years and it could not be used as rental property. It then became the eating area and the owner served meals there, until it was torn down.

There are 18 efficiency apartment rentals there now.

A building permit documents that this fourteen room boarding house at 2401 Ellis Avenue, originally the “Myrtle Robbins Boarding House,” was erected in 1935-6 for $5,000.00.

This “cowboy” boarding house was operated by Mrs. Myrtle Robbins, the original owner, who bought the land from Charlie Evans in 1921.

At this time or thereabouts, she was living and running a boarding house at 124 ½ West Exchange, near the Cadillac Bar. The Masons owned that property and wanted to tear that boarding house down, in order to use the property for another project.

Mrs. Robbins was allowed to use the old doors and transoms for her new boarding house, and they remain there today.

The structure was designed and constructed by A. C. Bolden.

The building is distinguished by its veneer of polychrome sandstone from Palo Pinto County. The Jerkinhead gable roof is repeated in the central Jerkinhead gabled portico. A sandstone retaining wall surrounds the property.

In 1939, a multiple garage with apartments above was erected to the rear of the boarding house; clad in identical sandstone veneer. It was constructed by the same builder.

The buildings were owned by Mrs. Robbins until 1980, and were operated as rooming houses through the early 1990’s.

The boarding house was “boarded up” literally, until October 2001, when the property was purchased by J. B. Hicks and restored into the current Bed and Breakfast.

Information Acquired From:
Historic Fort Worth and JB Hicks

 The Analysis

As far as subjective personal experiences, there were very few at Stonehouse and limited to two investigators, as compared to Miss Molly’s were several subjective experiences seemed to be occurring to all team members there.  Due psychological factors, these subjective experiences cannot be weighed as evidence. 

Previous evidence does suggest that Miss Molly’s does have paranormal activity.  Previous investigation notes show that rooms 2, 3 and 6 all locked from the inside during the investigation, with the same occurring in room 1 during this investigation.  Video showed during previous investigation that the investigator did not trigger the lock upon leaving.  Although these are older locks, at this time there is no explanation for this.  It was also seen that door 3 opened by itself during the previous investigation.  This door cannot open without the handle being turned.  Video from inside did record two footsteps, the handle turning and clicking, and the door coming open. It is a heavy door that has to be pushed.  Similar statements have been made by customers to clients about doors being opened or locked.  It is suggested that the paranormal phenomenon is causing this. 

The temperature drop of one degree is interesting, but not significant enough to say that is was in fact paranormal in cause.  EMF base readings taken in rooms 1 and 2 during the previous investigation did show any high fluxations from the EMF readings.  The EMF readings taken by Chris cannot be said to be significant to be stated as paranormal.  EVPs sessions were difficult at Miss Molly’s due to outside noise from a concert and lots of people attending local bars.

The target of this investigation was the Stonehouse.  We actively investigated this, and also left for a time to see if any evidence could be caught.   No evidence was found to suggest that the Stonehouse has activity. There were no significant personal events and there are no known reports of activity.  It seems to be the consensus of the group that Stonehouse is not haunted and has little or no paranormal activity.

Emily Fowler Library, Denton, Tx  3-28-09


Location of Investigation: Emily Flower Library 502 Okland St., Denton, TX

Date of Investigation: March 28, 2009 Time of Day –

Arrived: 8:00 PM Start Time: 9:07 PM Stop Time: 1:04 AM Departed: 1:54AM

Lead of Your Group: JJ

Investigators: Joni, Diane, Mike, Ty and Scott

Equipment used by Investigators:

Canon PowerShot A630 Camera, Sony IC Recorder MP3 with external mic, Olympus VN-4100PC DVR with external mic, Olympus WS-100 DVR with external mic, Olympus WS-210 DVR with external mic. Canon FS11 Digital video Camcorder, Lorex DVR system with 4 Day/Night Indoor/Outdoor color cameras. Scott was in charge of setup of cameras and recorders downstairs, and Ty was in charge of upstairs. A dvr system was set up with three cameras in the upstairs area. One camera was in the northwest corner where the books were allegedly stacked up. Another was set up in the foyer area and pointed towards the north east corner. The second was placed in the conference room where the DAPS group took many pictures of orbs, believed by Texpart to be dust orbs. A K-3 meter was also set up in view of this camera and set on the electrostatic / ion sum setting. True orbs are believed to be energy and are able to affect EMFs. The K-3 was set to determine if there was any static change around it. The room was very dark, so I added a second IR illuminator in the room.

One voice recorder was set in the northwest corner and another in the northeast corner near the children’s section.


The Emily Fowler Library has reportedly had visitations by its founder, Emily Fowler. These reports have generated interest over the last two years. There are also reports of a librarian who may haunt the library. One report by a current librarian is that the books in the northwest corner were taken off the shelves and were stacked up in the floor. Another librarian reported to have had her name called out to her on the top floor of the library. One of the previous groups to investigate was the Denton Area Paranormal Society (DAPS).

Members of Texpart are also members of the Texas Parapsychology Society which meets up at the library. Texpart was asked to give a presentation for TPS. This training session held on 

February 1st included a one hour mini-investigation of the library. A possible response in EVP was caught during this investigation by a newly recruited Texpart member.

Laura, a librarian, has been seeking to collect evidence of the hauntings in order to list the library on a national database of haunted libraries. Texpart set up a full investigation in an attempt to collect evidence.

The Analysis:

Texpart seeks to investigate the “PARANORMAL”, which goes beyond just “ghost hunting.” Texpart members also actively study psychic abilities, mediumship and parapsychology. At all times we strive to scientifically verify any evidence obtained through our medium(s) or via physical contact, mental impressions or details sensed by our investigators.

The group did collect some suspected EVPS, such as a breath, someone saying hello, etc. There were no EVPs that stood out clearly on this investigation.

After review of all evidence collected at this time, and from a purely scientific and evidential standpoint we have nothing to conclude that the library is haunted. A thorough and repeated search for concrete evidence was done with none but an EVP of a child saying hello, hello and a strange photograph of an unexplained ball of light. The “orb” does bring several questions for us as a group. It is a strange anomaly, but the orb is not definitive proof. While investigating the lower level two, Texpart investigators saw someone moving in an area behi

According to our medium, Scott, from an intuitive standpoint, even though he did not connect with any earthbound spirits, he does believe that the library is haunted by one ghost. He does believe that there is a librarian in spirit whose career at this particular library defined who she was in life. He thinks that a lot of the paranormal activity that has been reported is an expression of her dissatisfaction with current policies being implemented.

Additional comments or discussion.

Further ORB discussion.


. Hill House Manor, Gainsville, Tx   4-11-09

This investigation was a follow-up of an investigation concucted by Texpart in late 2008.  Their are claims of significant spirit activity at this location.  The owner as well as many employees, friends, and customers claim to have seen a man walking the hall that is not there when they look for him, a small child ghost that moves and has broken glass figurines, fingerprints left in salt on a dish, the spirit of a previous owner and many other spirits.

The Analysis

Texpart thoroughly investigated this location to the best of its abilities.  The DVR systems were left running over night in an attempt to capture any evidence from the location after all human interference had gone for the night.

 After complete review of all evidence obtained, nothing out of the ordinary was found.  There were some possible whispers and possible movement of the statues but because of the number of persons in attendence beyond the team members, evidence contamination could not be ruled out during the time when the evidence was collected.  There were no personal experiences during the investigation.  Texpart has nothing to be able to determine this location haunted at this time.

Sunday, May 18, 2009 The Londoner

(aka Churchills aka The Celt)

Texpart was pleased to be able to investigate this historic down town location. Once, in the early days of McKinney, it was a local pub and brothel.  Still steeped in old world class, this business has claims of spirit activity where the girls used to conduct their “business” upstairs

On Sunday, May 18, 2009, Texpart team members, J.J., Ty, Scott, Matt, Jimmy, Teresa, Tommy, Mana, Michael and Diane to investigate the claims of paranormal activity by a business owner.


Location was once a brothel in the early days (1800s) of McKinney. It remains an old world pub and retains much of its old style. A regular customer named Trevor, a friend of the managing partner was murdered in 2007. Claims of paranormal activity ranged from glasses moving, feelings of being watched, seeing shadows, uncomfortable feelings in certain areas and things being moved.

 The Analysis

Texpart attempted to covered all areas of the Londoner and thoroughly investigated all claims. Using all methods we have- including advanced equipment, controlled object experiments, the experimental “mini box” and medium/dowsing reading, we investigated thoroughly.

Many of the investigators had personal experiences such as feelings of being touched, shoved, hair pulled lightly and uncomfortable feelings. We also heard whispers, laughs and coughs that we could not contribute to the people who attended the investigation. After many days of review, no physical evidence was found. We have a few possible Electronic Voice Phenomenons that we are currently reviewing for authenticity but unfortunately there are no pictures or DVR to reinforce our personal experiences. Hauntings, spirits and ghosts do not perform on command and thus what could normally be a regular occurence may not necessarily happen the night of the investigation.

Below you will find an explaination of the different planes of existence by Scott McKinney that might help explain the different spirits you may encounter as well as the ability of one dimension to overlap and exist with another.

Based on personal experiences alone, the investigators of Texpart believe that there may be paranormal activity of some kind at the Londoner but we are unable to declare this location to be haunted. The physical plane which is familiar to us relates to our physical senses and provides only a limited view of nature. Spirits activity that interact moving within the two dimensions or planes dimensions as described below can cause many different types of paranormal activities that may or may not be perceivable by us as mortal inhabitants of the physical plane. Non-violent or non-threatening paranormal activity caused by negative or low vibration spirits is common and does not warrant the classification if they are what cause a haunting. Although we had some personal experiences that could be explained as paranormal activity we did not find any evidence that earthbound spirit(s) exist at this location.


 Analysis by X-Team Lead, Scott:

The definition of Astral Plane or Astral Light: an intermediate and invisible level of reality between the physical plane and higher, more divine realms. It is the common boundary between the individual and nominal reality. A non-physical level of existence which is the basis of the physical plane. The astral plane has several “layers” of density and vibrational rate. The upper astral lies close to the angelic realms; while the lower astral is the world of dreams and phantasms. The astral plane contains many non-physical entities.

The basement layer of the Astral light which lies nearest to the physical plane is the layer that includes left over human thoughts, emotions and passions. This layer is filled with a numerous variety of entities with little or no intelligence, instinctual in their actions and can be harmful to humans. In an area that is considered to be haunted there is constant interaction between the two planes since the two overlap each other. One theory is that after the death of the body a ghost survives for a period of time waiting for what’s called the second death which will liberate the soul from its astral restraints. Another theory is that following the separation from the physical body that there is a temporary survival of the lower parts of the human spirit that can in some cases exist for a long while perpetuating itself by victimizing the living. The higher parts of the deceased person has separated and passed on to a higher plane. These theories explain what is known as ghosts, apparitions, haunting, etc. However, I personally believe that the astral remains of the very sensual and evil people can survive in the basement layer of the astral light and can perpetuate their existence by preying on the living. These are often called a variety of names consisting of negative, dark, low energy, low vibration entities.

The astral light or astral plane is another world that has a different concept of time and space. The overlapping of these planes can be best understood when considering how science defines light. If light is a vibration than there should be some vibrating medium and that must be of a material nature. And if light is not a vibration then it must be some other form of matter. Regardless of whether the astral light is a form of matter or energy, it could be that there is no distinction between the two and they are just different phases or aspects of the same thing.

Of the three spirits that I came in contact with I do not believe that they were earth bound spirits, but based on their energies I felt that they were negative entities that commonly frequent local night spots.

Investigation of (McKinney) Dobscha Art Gallery 5-31-09

On Friday, February 20,  1959, an insurance man  for Southwestern Life, by the name of Robert Leonard Ray shot himself in a lonely upstairs office above a prominent business.  He was found dead by another Southwesten agent with a 10:00 appointment  sitting at his desk with a gunshot wound to his right temple.  The office, left as it was for over 50 years-blood splatter on the wall- is now being remodeled.  A witness who works in the evenings and into the nights in his studio across the hall, had experienced a couple of very strange and unexplainable events since he moved into his studio location and gratiously invited Texpart  to investigate the property before all renovations are completed.  Of course, we accepted  his offer. 

Investigation of (McKinney) Sippity Doodle Art Studio         5-31-09

This location served as a barber shop in the early days of the City of Mckinney.  This is a basement location in what used to be a bank. Rumor has it that a man was killed near that area.  The business owners husband saw an apparition that passed through a wall where a door may have been.

The Analysis

At approximately 8:45 pm, Texpart set up at this location for an 3 hour investigation.  Since this location consisted of one large room and a hall and 2 smaller rooms in the back area we decided to use to handheld cameras- one in the hall between the back rooms and the other on a shelf in the old bank vault area and set them to record the events of the evening.  A voice recorder was placed in the vault area as well.  A JVC camcorder was used in the large main room area and did record nearly all areas of that room for about three hours.  4 investigators on a rotational basis investigated the areas and performed many evps sessions, a dowsing session and a mini-box session.

After a thorough review of  evidence it does appear that one lesser EVP was recorded.  Also several personal experiences occurred during the investigation.  One of our investigators felt as though he had walked through a cob web but found nothing.  Another investigator expressed a similar sensation.   Scott experienced an individual who had heart problems in the back storage area.  Other than the one EVP however, nothing was caught on film, tape or the mini-box.  There was also a very distinct “help” that was heard through the mini-box.

It is the opinion of the Texpart investigators involved that while spirits and ghosts do not perform on command and can sometimes  make an appearance after an investigation has occurred, we feel that there is no evidence to suggest that this location is haunted.  Old buildings such as this are entrenched in history and impressions of days gone by.  They are fascinating to investigate whether haunted or not and this particular location is no exception.

Texpart is currently attempting to research this location in an attempt to verify any deaths at this location.

Miss Molly’s Bed and Breakfast  6-17-09

Texpart’s second follow-up. 

Ty and Robin, along with guest investigator Chris, visited Miss Molly’s.  Ty did experience having his shirt tugged on while standing in the middle of a room.  Again, EVPs were captured. Guests also reported the smell of roses, a very common report. This was a mini-investigation to test equipment for an upcoming investigation and we were not able to investigate fully due to guests that night.

Investigation of the McKinney Court House (dba McKinney Performing Arts Center)       6-26-09 

This was an awesome investigation of a large Mckinney business in preparation for the Mckinney Ghost tours in October . (details to follow at a later date)

Gunter Investigation (private residence)

his investigation was requested by the home owner.  She had many experiences in this home and asked members of Texpart to come to her home and do a sort of mini investigation and a spirit rescue if needed.  This investigation yielded many spirits that were captured on several of the recorders including the owners deceased dog, a cat in the house and several spirit voices in response to questions asked.  Nothing unusual was captured in pictures.  All in all, this mini investigation went well and the owner was very pleased with the results.  See our sites EVP section to hear a few of the EVPs we caught while there.

Plantersville Investigation (Private Residence)          7-18-09

Plantersville Investigation –  July 18-19th, 2009

Texpart members took a road trip to south Texas.  This case was referred to us by Christy from OKPRI.  Christy was featured in the second season of Ghosthunters when TAPS visited Oklahoma.

Reports included residents seeing a variety of aparitions and shadow figures, as well as unusual smells and seeing objects move.

Texpart was assisted by guest and honorary members, Deb and Larry Cline.  The Clines are experienced investigators, who along with the creator of the mini-box Ron Ricketts, started “The paranormal way” meetup group after leaving there former group.  They also sell a variety of paranormal equipment.  We were also joined by new member Kari Smith, who is a member of Robin’s group, Spirit Rescue. 

Several EVPs were captured during this investigation, with some to be very intelligent responses.  One of the unusual smells was also experienced by several investigators, with no explanation to its origin.

Ty Phillips – Lead Investigator, Robin Bumpass – Spiritual Psychic Medium, Teresa Cleaveland – Investigator, Deb & Larry Cline – Investigators, Kari Smith – Psychic Medium (Clairvoyant).

Princeton Investigation (Private Residence) 7-18-09

This was a double mini-investigation.  The owners of homes sitting across the street from one another requested that Texpart come to their homes and investigate.  They forwarded many strange EVPs and told us that there were many occurances in these homes including shadow persons, whispers, mysterious hand print, a glass that broke while sitting securely on a shelf and that one of the clients young sons said that he was taking to his grandfather (deceased) whom he had never known.  Both home owners had suffered losses fairly recently and were concerned that the problems in their homes might have something to do with that fact.  Texpart members JJ, Diane and Mike decided that with children involved that they needed to look into the claims asap.

Mckinney, Tx Courthouse (dba Mckinney Performing Arts Center) 06-26-09

This historic building has gone through many changes throughout the years.  Used as a courthouse until 1976, this site saw many deaths, trials for grusome crimes and hangings. 

On June 26, 2009, Texpart had the honor of investigating this large, beautiful building in search of the ghostly “lady in white” said to wonder the many rooms of the court house.  For more pictures see this sites “photos” section. 

Chestnut Square-Mckinney Historical Site    Sept. 16, 2009

This historic multi-building historic site is home to the Delany Cottage, Delany House, Two-Bit Taylor Inn, Faires House, an old school house replica, the Johnson House and many other well preserved buildings available for public tour.  Claims of apparitions, ghostly laughter, a ghost cat, doors that lock themselves and other paranormal activities were investigated on September 16, 2009 by Texpart.  You can see more pictures of this site in our website photo section.

Mckinney Multi-Business Investigation

This was an investigation of four different Mckinney businesses done in preparation for the Mckinney Ghost Tours.  The following four business graciously allowed Texpart to investigate their claims of paranormal activity and look for answers that might explain these occurances.

MorningStar Treasures

A full apparition of a man has been seen by several persons in this old building.  Built in the late 1800’s this old building now houses a lovely antique business.  Texpart investigated this site looking for some clues about who the ghostly man might be.  After interviewing a witness, an investigation and some outside historical research, Texpart may have figured out who this mysterious apparition may be.

The Pantry

This was the location of many businesses in bygone times.  Built in the late 1800’s this building served as hardware store and saloon.  Reports of seeing an apparition, creepy feelings and itchy skin in certain areas and footsteps in the abandoned third floor were investigated by Texpart.


Once a car dealership, this historic business has experienced a ghostly woman, girl, and has had dishes disappear.  Texpart investigated these claims on the night of October 10, 2009.

Church Hill’s

Church Hills, Aka The Londoner, is one of Texpart’s favorite “haunts”.  This old building was recently renovated by new owners and reported new paranormal events.  Texpart investigated these claims and even personally experienced an unexplained shadow person, an investigator had his hair tousled and had something unseen touch his hand.  Once a bordello and pub, it would seem that some habits die hard!


First McKinney Ghost Walk


Aubrey Cemetery

Goatmans Bridge

Rose Hall (Jamaica)


Lemp Mansion (MIssouri)

Eastern State Prison (Pennsylvania)


Waverly HIlls Sanitorium (Kentucky)


The Monroe House (Monroe Iowa)